Chicken is the most common type of poultry in the world and is more widely consumed than any other meat.

We are shipping both frozen whole chicken and individual parts.
The meatiest parts of a bird are the flight muscles on its chest, called "breast" meat, and the walking muscles on the legs, called the "thigh" and "drumstick". The wings are also eaten and may be split into three segments, the meatier "drumette", the "wingette" (also called the "flat"), and the wing tip (also called the "flapper").

So, main edible parts:
  • Breast: These are white meat and are relatively dry. The breast has two segments which are sold together on bone-in breasts, but separated on boneless breasts:
    - The "breast", when sold as boneless;
    - Two "tenderloin", located on each side between the breast meat and the ribs. These are removed from boneless breasts and sold separately as tenderloins.
  • Leg: Comprises two segments:
    - The "drumstick"; this is dark meat and is the lower part of the leg
    - The "thigh"; also dark meat, this is the upper part of the leg.
  • Wing: Often served as a light meal or bar food. Buffalo wings are a typical example. Comprises three segments:
    - the "drumette", shaped like a small drumstick, this is white meat;
    - the middle "flat" segment, containing two bones;
    - the tip, often discarded.
Additionally, other parts are consumed: chicken feet, giblets, head, kidneys, neck and others.

Chicken frozen meat is shipped in refrigerator containers with a temperature level of -18*, making it possible to obtain good storage safe delivery all over the globe.
Did you know?
Humans raised fowl for cockfights starting in Southeast Asia and China as early as 10,000 years ago, but their meat wasn't enjoyed until later. Now researchers investigating an ancient city in Israel have found what they think is the earliest evidence that chickens were kept for food.

In every 100 grams of chicken, there are about 30 different nutritional substances that the body benefits from. One of its best attributes is that it's high in protein (38 grams in every cup to be exact).
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