Brand Concept
With all the complexity of processes involved in global trade, the backbone relations and motives behind the decision making remain unshakable since the times of merchants trading in medieval villages. Although the scale is different with more people involved, longer distances, zillions of items sold, the wish of buyers to get what they want for a fair trade remains unchangeable.

At all times market was full of unfair merchants who had their wine diluted, meat reeking and eggs as old as rocks in Himalayas. That is why people have always valued resourceful traders who knew What Where and When it was reasonable to buy and who on the market.

Today, to succeed on the global food market a trader has to replace itself into a village context. Food village. A trader has to be fine-tuned to the market to know WHAT to buy, to be genial to build long-term relationships and know WHERE to buy, and to be really quick to get the moment WHEN to buy.

And, perhaps, the most importantly, a trader must be fair. Because it's still a village. It's FoodVille.
What do we do at FoodVille
We provide a fair procurement of commodity products for bulk buyers worldwide, while supporting local producers in expanding their business overseas.

Our principles guide every step we make

• Stay fine-tuned to the market needs.

• Be quick to be the first.

• Be genial to build trusted relationships.

• Be fair to yourself and everyone.

We are glad to answer all your questions. If you have any inquiries, please contact us:
Head office in Ukraine
Paul Ryzhkov - CEO
Tel./WhatsApp: +38 095 282 8238

Yuliia Tyshynska - Export Manager
Tel./WhatsApp: +38 093 988 1157

Representative in UAE
Valentyne Yurchuk
Tel.: +971 50 293 5701

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